Salt Creek Falls | Central Oregon Day Trip

Thesa Chambers September 20, 2007

salt-creek-falls-2.jpgSalt Creek Falls is one of my favorite places in Central Oregon.  It is where I go when I want to get away from it all. 

Salt Creek Falls is located on Hwy 58 between Hwy 97 and Eugene.  The easy description of this wonder is just east of the tunnel.

Salt Creek Falls is right off the Hwy and is now actually an Oregon State Park with a full rest area, picnic area and trails.  It is a great place to stretch your legs while traveling over the Cascades or can be your destination for the day.

Other attractions near Salt Creek Falls are, Waldo Lake, Odell Lake, Crescent Lake, and the Oakridge Fish Hatchery.

This hike will only take you about an hour total to go to the bottom and back to the top.  Of course that is what it takes me and I am pretty out of shape.

One of the improvements the State of Oregon made when they created this park is there is a wheel chair trail so that those in wheel chairs can enjoy the view of the falls.  The trail for wheel chairs does not go to the bottom but it does give beautiful views of the falls and the valley below.

I hope you enjoy your day at Salt Creek Falls.

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  1. Thesa,
    I loved this post, what a beautiful photo of the falls. Day trips like this can feel like a real vacation for me. As a hiker myself, I’d love to check it out when I’m in your neck of the woods.

    BTW, the wheel chair access is wonderful.

  2. Thesa,

    Your area is so beautiful. I envy you – I have to drive a few hours to see waterfalls even close to those in your backyard. It is great that this beauty is now protected as a state park.

  3. This place is by far on of my best memeroys, i went there when i was 16, i from las vegas so it was a big deal. we hiked all the way to the bottom taking our fishing ploes with us. we cought about 50 trout that day hiking all the way down the creek, about a 1/4 mile down around the bend there is 2 more water falls that take you in to a amazing subcluded area were no one is. the fishing is amazing we found salmon berrys and wild life. i love salt creek

    1. I was about the same age the first time I hiked to the bottom then down the creek – this trip we did not go down the creek because we had 2 grandkids with us…. it was a great day – we also went to the fish hatchery that day which is a lot of fun too.