La Pine Homes Under $200,000

Thesa Chambers January 11, 2017

Affordable housing is a real issue in Central Oregon. When I started my career in real estate, a house payment was typically more than monthly rent.

Realtors® preached the value of tax deductions, security of not having to move and equity as reasons to buy a home. Today we can honestly show many times it is more affordable to own a home than it is to rent a home. Plus all those other benefits are still a huge value. Below are the current properties in La Pine, Oregon that are for sale and listed for $200,000 or less.

Buying a home is much easier than most think. With the right lender and Realtor® the process can be pretty smooth. Now is a perfect time to find your dream home.

The list below is updated as homes come on the market, so check back frequently.

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