7 Things To Consider Before Writing YOUR Offer

Thesa Chambers April 7, 2009

Contingencies are found in almost every real estate sale.  Some are pre-written into the contract some you should consider prior to writing an offer on your dream home are;

  1. Property Corners – just because a fence is in place does not mean that it is on your property.  Property corners can vary and lines are sometimes not perfectly straight.  There are several areas in the Central Oregon area that were not surveyed correctly years ago and this can cause problems down the line.  To know exactly what you are buying you should have the corners of the property you are buying marked.  Sometimes a corner or two are missing this is not always a big deal – knowing where part of the corners are will give you something to go by to measure and have a clear idea of what you are buying.
  2. Septic Pump & Inspect – this is different than just pumping the septic tank.  With some of the new rules in Deschutes County knowing if your drain field is draining correctly is vitally important.  Repairing a tank is affordable, replacing the system may exceed what the buyer or seller is capable of doing.
  3. Water Tests – the State of Oregon mandates that every domestic well be tested for nitrates and bacteria upon the sale of a property, this contingency is pre-written into the contract.  Many people purchase a home with the expectation of adding a bathroom, planting a huge lawn or will just have more people living in the home.  A flow test may be beneficial to know if the water supply will keep up with the demand.
  4. Home Owners Association Inspection – several of the communities in Central Oregon have home owners associations which have a set of very strong CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Regulations) these rules may very well dictate everything on the exterior of a home right down to the paint color.  Most of these communities have a committee that will send someone out to review the home in comparison to the rules of the community and let the buyer know if the home is in compliance.
  5. Past Due Bills – many of the community water and sewer systems in Central Oregon do not place liens on a property for past due bills.  When the property changes hands the service will attempt to collect the old bill from the new owner.
  6. Chimney Inspection / Wood Stove – several years ago Oregon passed a law that states at the time of a sale all wood stoves must be EPA certified.  Sellers do not want to have to replace a wood stove and buyers will often take responsibility for this.  However one of the most commonly overlooked item with this is inspecting the chimney.  A home inspector will take a look at the top of the chimney and the wood stove itself but the actual chimney may need it’s own inspection.
  7. Additional Water Tests – Central Oregon has great water, however knowing what you are drinking may be desirable.  You may want to have the actual amounts of different minerals tested, the area is predominantly serviced by wells averaging 55 feet in depth.

As you can see there are items to consider when purchasing a Central Oregon home that a local REALTOR would know. Real Estate is Local – and I am here to be your Central Oregon REALTOR.

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